Best Live Entertainment

All That Jazz Cafe & Grill
3491 Hiatus Rd, Sunrise
(954) 572-0821

Great food, captivating music, and delightful company form an unmatched trio, and All That Jazz Cafe excels in providing all three in abundance. Celebrating moments with friends becomes even more memorable when it’s accompanied by excellent tunes and a meal shared among companions.

Situated just a mile away from Sawgrass Mills Mall on Oakland Park Boulevard, ALL THAT JAZZ is a haven for those seeking freshly prepared, cooked-to-order meals alongside fantastic live music. The cafe welcomes guests every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for dinner and live performances, offering a menu rooted in homestyle cooking. The recipes, cherished and handed down through generations of the family, bring to the table everything made from scratch. Patrons can indulge in fresh seafood, flame-grilled steaks and pork chops, authentic New Orleans specialties, a variety of pasta dishes, and more, making every visit a unique and enjoyable experience.