Best Barbecue

Rob’s Family BBQ


Nothing quite compares to the delight of indulging in freshly smoked, homemade barbecue, and that’s precisely the essence of Rob’s. For over two decades, the Scruby family has been a staple in South Florida’s BBQ scene, with Rob Scruby himself continuing to dish out the region’s finest barbecue. Visitors to our establishment aren’t just customers; they’re welcomed as part of the Scruby family,
a testament to the genuine connection we strive to foster.

Our eatery radiates a cozy southern charm that instantly makes guests feel right at home, complemented by hearty portions and fair pricing that ensure every family leaves satisfied. Among our cherished offerings are the irresistibly sweet cornbread and the tender pulled pork sandwiches, alongside other beloved American classics.

For those in pursuit of South Florida’s top smoked ribs or impeccably grilled chicken, Rob’s invites you and your loved ones for an unforgettable dining experience.