Best Sushi

Otoro Sushi & Asian Kitchen

Otoro stands out as a beacon of authentic sushi craftsmanship in Broward County, where each dish is meticulously prepared from scratch by some of the region’s most skilled Asian chefs. The establishment is renowned for its contemporary approach to high-quality cuisine, presented with an extraordinary artistic flair. Chef Jimmy-San introduces the authentic Omakase Cuisine right into the heart of Broward County, elevating the dining experience to an art form.

An Omakase meal at Otoro transcends the ordinary, offering a multi-sensory journey that borders on the spiritual. The chef selects the ideal piece of fish for the season, tailoring each course to the diners’ reactions and ensuring a personalized gastronomic adventure. The visual presentation of each dish rivals its flavor in beauty, creating an immersive dining experience. To complement the exquisite sushi, Otoro features sake tastings, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the meal. This elegant ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a memorable date night. It’s clear why Otoro has earned the title of Best Sushi in Plantation.

1447 S University Drive