Clean Juice

(954) 667-8462

Searching for healthy and delicious dining options? Clean Juice has the answer for you!  Plantation is home to South Florida’s first location of this fast-growing organic juice bar. The friendly staff at Clean Juice is happy to offer a full menu of cold-pressed and fresh-made juices, wellness shots, smoothies, acai bowls, Greenoa™ bowl salads, avo toasts and more.

Clean Juice is the only USDA certified organic juice bar in Plantation and the only establishment in the area that cold-presses all of its juices on-site. They are proud to say that all of their juices are born and raised in Plantation, where not only the “grass is greener” but now the juice is cleaner!

 All of Clean Juice’s products are made fresh and tasty in-store from the raw ingredients. Our favorite cold-pressed juice was the “Red”, made with organic beets, carrots, apples and lemons. It hits your tongue like a fine wine and adds a boost of energy without any caffeine, while also delivering an assortment of immune-boosting and healthy-heart friendly nutrients. Be sure to bring your teens too. Their acai bowls are to-die-for. It’s no wonder Clean Juice was voted Best of Plantation!