Best Special Needs Program

Christi/STEPSS Academy

Christi/STEPSS Academy’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered and individualized learning environment that encourages students to meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and a willingness to overcome obstacles with God’s help.

 The focus of the STEPSS program is to foster independence through teaching, practicing and applying essential life skills that are dependent on the developmental stage of the student.  Instructors are highly qualified ESE specialists and classroom aides have ABA training certification.  The program encompasses academics, social skills and spiritual training. 

Classroom learning is enhanced with each student using an iPad, manipulatives, games, audio-visuals, and other appropriate technological devices. They use an interdisciplinary approach and differentiated teaching. Their students progress from basic foundational academic knowledge and skills to a possible attainable high school graduation level.  This helps their students to become independent and find their place in the real world. Their program is bringing hope to those with special needs and therefore has gotten our readers vote for “BEST of.”

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